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Leeds Find Your Talent has been succesful in its bid to become an Earlyarts Pathfinder Partner.

Earlyarts, a nationwide training network for professionals working creatively with young children and families, today announced its twenty three Pathfinder Partners to roll out the professional development programme across the regions.

Pathfinder Partners were chosen for their excellent track record in training and creative development of the arts, cultural and early years workforce. Earlyarts’ Pathfinder Programme is an innovative approach to build a sustainable social enterprise that enables the myriad of smaller creativity and early education networks to join forces across the country. The aim is to have a major impact by joining up practice to meet the needs of young children and families. The social enterprise model enables partners to share in the collected knowledge of what makes a difference to children’s lives, at the same time as building a strong network of ‘champions’ for creative learning who will be better skilled to improve practice on the ground for many years to come.

Pathfinder Partners will be delivering Earlyarts’ highly popular Professional Development Days across all regions, ensuring that every professional that works with children and families will be able to access creative training in their area.

For further information on the FYT Earlyarts Pathfinder opportunities please contact

What was FYT?

Find Your Talent was a national programme to explore new ways of opening up cultural and creative opportunities to young people. Leeds was one of the ten FYT Pathfinders in England.

The programme was led by Leeds City Council and Education Leeds, working closely together and with the city's cultural and community sectors to find ways for more young people to participate in the cultural life of the city.

FYT was funded to operate between 2008-2011 but its legacy in Leeds continues through activities under the Breeze banner, as well as other initiatives.